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The President Felipe Calderón received Joseph S. Blatter at the official Los Pinos residence



The President Felipe Calderón received Joseph S. Blatter, President of the International Football Association (FIFA), and Justino Compeán, President of the Mexican Football Federation, who showed him the shirt that will be worn by the Mexican Team for the World Cup South Africa 2010 at the official Los Pinos residence.

The Mexican President said that he hoped this World Cup would be the start of a new era in national football, marked by team effort and the victories the Mexicans expect during the tournament. He also asked the directors to wish the National Team members every success in the upcoming world cup on his behalf.

President Felipe Calderón was accompanied by Head of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports, Bernardo de la Garza Herrera.

Justino Compeán and Joseph S. Blatter were accompanied by: Decio de Maria, Secretary General of the Mexican Federation; Carlos Maza, Marketing Director of Adidas Mexico; Charlie Maurath, Regional Vice-President of Adidas for Latin America and Fernando Basualdo, Director of Adidas Mexico.

"We speak the same language and we share a passion for football," commented Blatter. "President Calderon and I believe that football is more than just a sport. It has a social, educational and even political dimension, and also arouses some very strong emotions."

After his meeting with the Mexican head of state, the FIFA President made his way to the headquarters of the Mexican Football Association in the company of its President, Justino Compean. After taking a tour of the building, Blatter took part in a wide-ranging press conference that dealt with a host of topics from the protection of minors to Mexico's chances of success at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.

"There are too many South American players, most of them from Brazil and Argentina, who find it all too easy to obtain a passport in the European countries they are playing in," he said in discussing an issue that came up several times. "I am in favour of extending the current five-year qualification period that these players have to serve before they can play for a country other than their native one."
The President of world football's governing body then discussed South Africa 2010. After rating Mexico's chances of success as high, he expressed his confidence that preparations for the big event would be completed on time. "With less than seven months to go until the competition starts, the situation in South Africa is clear," he explained

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